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DNS mode performance

Seriously improved in new app version


New desktop client version

If you are using DNS mode, please update.


Database upgrade

Should finally solve issues seen in the last days.


    Thursday 09. of September 2004
  • New Client 20040909-02
    • Fixed small bug in HTTP connection code that may cause problems with over-critical proxies.
    • Only reset timeout when a valid frame is received, not if undecodable trash has been received.
      This ensures that links are recognized as broken when the encryption gets out of sync. (The ...

    Thursday 09. of September 2004
  • Client 20040909-02 breaks HTTP
  • 20040909-02 contains a "fix" that actually breaks HTTP with some proxies. The proxies are right so I can't blame them. Version 20040922-01 is fixed but not yet available as an installer version. If you need to use an installer version and cannot wait for the installer version of this release being a...

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