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Delete my account

Please check out our data protection statement to learn what personal data we store, why we store it, and for how long we keep it.

If you do not use your account for a while (six months) after all upgrades you have purchased have expired, it will automatically be marked for deletion (and you may no longer log in). In this state, only our support team will be able to restore the account. After one further month, your account will be permanently deleted and all related data, particularly all personal information we store about you, will be erased. We are legally required to retain purchase details for ten years after the purchase, but they are no longer linked to an account or to each other, and all we store is a reference to the payment provider's record of the purchase, the payment amount, and what has been purchased. By this time, all information we may have stored about your usage of our system (debugging info etc.) will have expired anyway.

There may be reasons why you would prefer to delete your account right now instead of waiting for automatic expiry. In this case, you can manually mark your account for deletion. Just click the button below, but be aware that this will make your account inaccessible, and after one further month, all account data will be gone.

You are currently not logged in. To use this self-service function, log in to your account first.

You should be able to find your username and password in the app. Just click "Configure", "Account Information". If you cannot remember either of these, use the account recovery function on the web page.

If you are entirely unable to regain access to your account, please contact our support team - or just wait. Your account will expire if you do not use it and all data will get deleted eventually anyway. If you haven't used it for a while, this might already have happened.

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