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Incentive scheme

Yes, we've got an incentive scheme! Actually, more than one, and everyone having an account with us can participate. There are two ways to earn bonus points:

  1. Earn points for every purchase made possible by your referral
  2. Set up a CGI relay and earn points when it gets used

For option #1 you need a way to publish a link to our web site on the Internet. It could be anywhere -- an article on your own web site linking to ours, or a link in some gaming forum pointing to us. Whatever! Use your imagination and help us get new customers and increase our sales, and benefit from bonus points.

Option #2 requires that you control a web server enough to install a PHP script on it. This way the web server can be turned into a relay server for Your Freedom, allowing those poor souls to connect whose admins are doing a thorough job in blocking their access. Each time someone connects successfully to Your Freedom through your server you'll get bonus points. Read more about this on our CGI Relay page.

How to refer to our web page

You need to be logged in to see how you can refer to our page in a way that you earn bonus points. Please log in now.

  • For each Euro we receive from users you referred to us: 100 points
  • Each time someone uses your relay to connect to us: 1 point (this can be hundreds of points per day!)

Please note that we reserve the right to change these values at any time. Changes will only affect future point assignments of course.

Oh, and to those clever people who think creating hundreds of accounts themselves will buy them free packages: we are not that stupid, it won't work.

What's the point?

So, how much is a point? Points can be used to buy voucher codes. Just click on the "Statement" link on the left hand side to see how many points you have and what you may get for them.


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